We have several anchor setting and testing units throughout our Levelland, Seminole and Midland, TX locations.

We supply a 4-Wing, Grip Jaw Anchor with a corrosion inhibiting coating at every location where an anchor is requested. Our anchors are made of American steel & manufactured and assembled in the United States and guaranteed by the National Foundry to exceed OSHA standards.

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In 2014 Butch’s strategically expanded their leverage into the casing industry. Butch’s was able to capture a leading force of casing managers, with over 200 years of knowledge and experience.

Butch’s casing division provides exceptional services, including professional casing crews, torque turn, internal and external CRT, tubing and laydown services in the Permian, Delaware, Haynesville, and the Eagleford basins.

With a hands on leadership team combined with our safety values and the most updated and advanced equipment, Butch’s casing division strives to be the front runner in the casing industry.

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Our construction division is committed to supporting our customer’s site work needs. This division operates as a full service construction department. We thrive in providing solutions for the following needs: lease roads, flow lines, gas lifts, frac lines and frac pods.

Additionally, we specialize in gathering systems and SWDs. With almost 30 years of experience, we have the understanding and knowledge needed to assist with all of your site preparation and pipeline installation needs.

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The focus of the drilling motor division is to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, along with reliability in a drilling motor that maximizes footage and helps increase ROP to consistently become pacesetters. The division was started in 2018 but we have multiple years of combined experience in the operation and manufacturing of mud motors. Being a new division, we have focused on the latest technology for our motor fleet and as of 2019, we have drilled over 1,000,000 feet. We take pride in servicing our equipment as well as servicing our clients to ensure they have reliability and performance in all Butch’s mud motors.

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Our Environmental Services division provides state-of-the-art containment systems that meet all OSHA standards. Our commitment to quality is represented in the following standards we require of each structure.

We manage mechanical and electrical construction as well as supervise contractors performing facility construction activities.

Additionally, we offer portable containments, pre-sprayed geo textile, polyurea, walkovers, sump pump boxes and tank pads.


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Butch’s Fencing Division operates out of its Midland, TX and Carlsbad, NM yards. The Fencing Division services the oilfield and ranching industries, specializing in barbed wire, net wire, high tensile game fence and chain link. We pride ourselves on building a fence the right way, having the knowledge and experience to build your next fence to last many years. We install and service automatic gate operators, gates and cattle guards to offer turn key services for your project.

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  • Drilled Shafts/ Caissons
  • Casing Drilling Methods
  • Slurry Drilling Methods
  • Driven & Augered Piles
  • Volumetric Ready-Mix


2016 EMR .72 | 2017 EMR .69 | 2018 EMR .69

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Due to the large demand for water services in drilling and hydraulic frac operations, we offer our customers 3’ and 4’ poly pipe rental, water well pump service, custom poly pipe jobs including pit load lines of any size, transfer pumps, and a full line of custom pit lining services.

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Butch’s began by specializing in drilling surface holes, rat holes and mouse holes. Because of our extensive experience in the oilfield, we have first-hand knowledge of the soil conditions for most of the active basins around the United States. Today, we operate a fleet of 25 rat hole drilling rigs. 

We were one of the first rat hole drilling providers to offer the capability of drilling past 40′ in depth. Currently, we offer up to 200′ depth.


  • Mouse Hole Drilling
  • Conductor Pipe up to 200 ft
  • Cellar Drilling & Setting
  • Foundation Drilling


  • Mobile Mixers
  • Pumping
  • Top Off
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Butch’s Trucking Inc., (BTI) is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and on-time service with our winch, flat bed and hot shot fleet. Our equipment standards are second to none while we strive to exceed industry standards. Within our West Texas and Eastern New Mexico service area, we have steadily changed our offerings to provide our customers with the equipment they need, when they need it.

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