Butch’s is a result of relentless vision and quality work.


At Butch’s, we are committed to doing things the right way. Our goal is to have zero injuries and accidents in our workplaces and communities. We employ a staff of two safety managers and three field safety technicians who are responsible for inspecting and reviewing field activities along with work processes and procedures. We ensure adherence to stringent safety requirements in every job we complete. Butch’s is a member of ISNetworld; the industry’s leading third party for connecting energy producers with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers. Proof of our commitment to safety can be found in our worker’s compensation experience rating of 0.69, which is very low.



We find it necessary to be a responsible and charitable company in every community where we conduct business. Giving back is one of the most valued principles of our organization and that is reflected in the community partnerships we build. By investing in the communities where we operate and the people who live there, we ensure a stronger today and a more hopeful tomorrow.

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Our management team is responsible for the vision and direction of the company. Each individual is highly qualified and has extensive industry knowledge and strong client relationships.

  • Attracting and retaining top talent while compensating commensurately
  • Utilizing only the best equipment available
  • Growing and developing our employees
  • Our one non negotiable which is safety


Scott Bryant, Owner & President

Mark Franklin, Chief Operations Officer

Norman Allen, Chief Investment Officer

Tres Lair, Vice President, Sales

Bob Morris, Director of Operations


Mr. L.D. “Butch” Bryant began his career in the oil industry as a bookkeeper for a local trucking company. Shortly thereafter, he began working for a major international bit company and quickly rose to the top after becoming a leading salesman. It was then that he noticed a niche needed to be filled around Levelland, TX. In 1980, Butch formed Butch’s Rat Hole, Inc. to provide service to the oil and gas producers of Hockley County. After spending a few years focusing solely on the rat hole portion of oil well drilling, Mr. Bryant knew that acquiring an anchor service was the next step in growing the business. In 1982, Butch purchased an anchor division from another local businessman in Levelland and the company officially became Butch’s Rat Hole & Anchor Service, Inc. From 1983 to 1990 Butch expanded the operations of the company by securing several contracts with major drilling operators in the area. These partnerships generated capital for the organization and made the acquisition of additional equipment such as backhoes, dump trucks and forklifts as well as services like foundation drilling possible. During the 1990’s, Butch led the company through a period of conservative and well-planned actions that established the company in the industry and prepared the organization to meet the future demands of the market. It was during this time that the trucking division was formed.  Butch had no idea that the creation of this division would establish Butch’s as one of the largest rig moving companies in the United States. After spending over 45 years in the oil and natural gas industry, Butch transitioned out of day-to-day operations and his son, Scott Bryant advanced into a leadership role within the corporation in 2001. Mr. Bryant graduated from Texas Tech University in 1972 with a degree in education. Butch has a passion for aiding students attending South Plains College and has devoted a great deal of personal investments to the South Plains College Foundation.


Mr. Scott Bryant officially joined Butch’s Rat Hole & Anchor Service in 1996, however, his desire to be involved in operations at his father’s company began at an early age. Scott spent many hours at the company’s office during the summers and after school while growing up. Throughout this time, Scott learned everything he could and when the time was right, he joined the corporation with an eager spirit and hard-working attitude.

During the late 1990’s, the oil and gas industry hit tough times, yet Scott maintained his focus on the organic growth of the company. While he knew it was important to keep a dominant position as the leading rat hole drilling service provider, Scott also desired diversification into related oilfield services and expansion into multiple geographic regions. Mr. Bryant showed there was no limit to his vision for the company and under his leadership, several locations have been opened throughout Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Kansas and Pennsylvania. 

Scott has always had an adept skill for attracting and retaining excellent talent. He has established the corporation as a premier industry employer by offering appropriate compensation and ensuring the utilization of the best equipment available. His ability to understand and connect with employees is felt throughout the organization and encourages an open environment within the company culture. 

Since stepping to the forefront, Scott has more than tripled the business operations. Mr. Bryant provides leadership and oversight for all business decisions, which not only includes Butch’s Rat Hole & Anchor Service but also it’s other affiliated entities, Valor Energy Services, Permian Equipment Rentals and Transcend Drilling.

Scott fully believes in giving back to those who live and serve in every community in which he conducts business.